Methods of cleaning observe replica watches the metal chain

Due to the metal chain, its durable, unique metallic luster has become the first choice for many fans of the replica watches, but wearing a chain watch for a long time, the accumulation of sweat in the joints or spots of sweat and the surface will give off fire, this time we should Do a good job of cleaning.

Method 1: The replica rolex watches chain is kept in the salt water for a long time (see the replica watches of more than 100 meters, with water), you will see the water falling on the sediment of the black mud. Then use a toothbrush to clean the replica watches.

Method 2: Take a soft brush toothbrush, small colored toothpaste or detergent, gently wipe the seam of the belt, then rinse with water, use a hair dryer to blow dry damage.

In addition, the K gold watch is discolored due to Rolex replica oxidation, except for the main treatment for a long time, but it can also be wiped in the toothpaste.

Safety measures:

• If the body of the speaker is not handled correctly during the cleaning process, it is recommended that the replica watches be transferred to a professional maintenance engineer for recycling.

• If the metal belt is wetted (water, sweat, etc.) without treatment, it is easy to rust. Metal rust and dirt can easily leak through the seams of contaminated clothing and even cause skin irritation.

• Therefore, remove the fake Rolex or wash it with water, remember to wipe the seam with a cloth and wear it. In addition, diving with water is easy to use with chemicals, but it is easy to cause damage.

• K gold bracelets are easy to scratch soft materials, blowing or poorly touched. In addition, the gold foil K is discolored by gas, chlorine or human sweat composition.

Keep the belt dry and wear it carefully. Titanium or high-tech high-tech ceramic watches are also recommended to be careful not to fall or fall. In the end, hardship does not mean impeccable.